Cut out middle man – Save up to 30%

The world around us is evolving in front of our very eyes. Rapid and incredible technological progression has seen us move to a whole new level of consistency and credibility as a species.

However, while most people know that a solar system saves you money & helps the environment, many don’t make the move to capitalize on its strengths.

Why Us?

Customer is the VIP


At Go Solar Direct, we want to help you find the best possible reason to go green. By helping you to cut out the middle man, we help to further increase those savings.

We understand how important quality and reliability are to you and for your house or business. Since this technology is so fresh, you likely want to guarantee it will be just what you need. As your one-stop shop to all your energy-efficient home improvement needs, we make sure that everything we offer is of the highest quality available, while also being affordable; giving you exactly what you need.

Our reputation depends on it, and in our industry, reputation is everything! We’ve worked diligently to create the most progressive, enjoyable process to ensure you can always feel comfortable hiring our team


What we exceed in

Immediate Pricing

Get the price immediately over the phone – no delays, no gambits.


Determine right away if solar systems will work for your home


No pitches or aggressive salespeople; just experts who share the right information

Analysis & Design in 24h

Get a professional solar system analysis and design in less than 24 hours!

Lowest Price

Get the lowest competitive prices and save even more on your solar & roofing project!


Handled by the most professional installation process - We have the best installers! We use the best, longest-lasting materials that will make it an investment.


A range of other, complementary services that we exceed at to help you optimize energy consumption in your house.