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With our control system, and one single touch of the “Good Night” button on your remote, tablet, or smartphone, you’ll arm the security system, the lights will turn off or go dim, and the climate system will set to the desired temperature and yes, the system will alert you whether its the garage door that’s open or the pool that is left uncovered.

The control system is able to “talk” to different subsystems throughout your home; home theater/media room, iPod, house lighting, security system, climate control, motorized shades & drapery, surveillance cameras, and pool/spa. It allows access and control of all your home’s subsystems with simplicity, which can be compared to using your smartphone. Intuitive touchscreen icons allow total control of your home with no instruction manual needed!

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We understand what it means to own a home. For most of us, our home is the most valuable – and valued – possession. As a leading roofing and solar company, we know the home building inside out, from the roof right down to the foundation. Whether your home needs roof repairing services, a complete roofing system, or other remodeling or contracting services, our company has the experience you want and the quality you deserve.


We share all of our years of expertise with our clients, offering the most professional and knowledgeable Energy Efficiency Consultation at an amazing value for money. If you have a project in mind contact us to see how we can be of service today, build you dream home wile keeping it energy efficient.


Replacing your heating and cooling system can be a wise investment because of the significant energy savings it can bring. Many heating and cooling systems that are more than seven years old are cost-effective to replace, since older systems are typically less efficient and result in increasingly high bills and frequent repairs. Customers who use our energy efficient systems can use their utility savings to offset most of or all of their installation cost.

Doors & windows

You've noticed your high utility bills, but have you ever wondered why your air conditioning and heating just doesn't seem to hold as long as you'd like? Chances are, it's due to your single-pane glass or inefficient aluminum windows that are needlessly adding cost to your utility bill. It's not just you who's noticed this waste -- California's Title 24 requires many homeowners to look to upgrade their windows to double- or triple-pane glass in either vinyl, fiberglass, or wood windows to save on bills, lower energy usage and cost, and help the environment.

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GoSolar also installs energy-efficient insulation as well as helps with electrical installations, patio works, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Whether it its a new construction project or an addition to your existing home, Go Solar Direct is a full construction services company, meaning we will take you from A to Z! Room additions add great value to your home & quality of living. As premier remodeling contractors in California, we’ll ensure your project meets your style and budget demands, and that your new space is completed in a timely fashion.